When Two Tribes go to War
(The Atta and Olobol going to war together, that is!)

A 2035 pt (‘counts as’) Lizardman army (Pygmies & Larval Slann)

Bontanoan (as Tehenauin)
General, Tide of Serpents, Blade of Serpent’s Tongue, Plaque of Sotek
Goakitlan  (as Skink priest)
Lvl 2, Piranha Blade, Plaque of Tepok
Pygmy Shaman (as Skink Priest)
Lvl 2, Diadem of Power, Cloak of Feathers
Pygmy Chief (as Skink Chief)
Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent
25 Pygmies (as Skinks) with FC
20 Pygmy Skirmishers (as Skink Skirmishers), FC, Blowpipe
20 Pygmy Skirmishers (as Skink Skirmishers), FC, Blowpipe
22 Pygmy Dwarf Boar Riders (counts as Saurus Warriors), FC, spear, shield

4 Terradon Riders with Brave
3 Jungle Swarms
3 Jungle Swarms

3 Salamander Hunting Packs (4 handlers each)

Skink Skirmishers

Skink Skirmishers

Boar Riders (c/a Saurus)






Jungle Swarms



Grand Admiral Galdabash’s Zombie Pirates    Total Points = 2052

(A White Dwarf #306 Luthor Harkon Zombie Pirates List)

Grand Admiral Galdabash (as Luthor Harkon)

Vampire Fleet Captain (Brace of Pistols, Moonshine)

Vampire Fleet Captain (Brace of Pistols, Bloody Norah!)

Vampire Fleet Captain  (Battle Standard, Dead Man’s Chest)

25 Zombie Pirates Deck Hands Mob (Musician)

25 Zombie Pirates Deck Hands Mob (Standard, Musician)

25 Zombie Pirates Deck Hands Mob (Standard, Musician)

10 Zombie Pirates Gunnery Mob

2 Bloated Corpses

14 Scurvy Dogs (with Bad Dog)

5 Animated Hulks 

2 Carronades

5 Bases of Razortooth Rats

1 Rotting Leviathan

Note: This is a legal White Dwarf ‘Luthor Harkon’ List


Battle of the Swamps (Part One)

When the living god Bo-Tana-Oon, with his brother Go-Akill-An by his side, ordered it done, the Atta and Olobol tribes quickly gathered every warrior they could. The youngest braves amongst them were excited for they had never been commanded in battle by one of the gods, while the older warriors wondered at just what it was they were going to do for they had never been led in battle by two of the gods together. None had much time to ponder all this, however, for Bo-Tana-Oon led them away before nightfall, and then all their concentration was on not getting lost or separated from the army as they moved through the jungle. By dawn, they had left their own realm far behind and had moved into the southern reaches of the swamp, where the great river wended is sluggish way across the land. The broken edge of the jungle ran along to the west of them, and the air was filled with the familiar foetid smell of the noisome swamp waters. But there was another odour assailing them, much worse than that of the land itself – the stench of death.


The larval Slann Bontanoan and his spawn brother Goakitlan could now see the foe over the flat land, and both decided that this was an enemy they could fight. Bontanoan began signalling the warriors, his brother’s shrieks and cries joining in harmoniously and precisely. The Pygmies noticed this and some wondered whether the god Go-Akill-An knew exactly what his brother was thinking. (He did – it was a magical ability the two siblings had been practising for some time now.) Most of the pygmies’ strength gathered in the centre and on the left the line. Twenty blowpipe armed skirmishers moved boldly up on the far left flank, led by Goakitlan; then came the main band of tribal warriors, with Chief Atta-ooga and Bontanoan himself in their front rank. Two large swarms of jungle creatures moved ahead of this regiment. The hardest hitting unit, the dwarf-boar riders (c/a Saurus), advanced in the centre, with the terrifying fire-breathing salamanders on their flank, prodded forwards by a mass of pygmy braves armed with javelins.


Out on the far right another large band of skirmishers crept through the cover of the jungle, while four terradons and their pygmy brave riders swooped forwards to their left.


Bontanoan had brought only those who could move relatively quietly on this journey, for he had thought that if the enemy proved too strong he would retreat from them all the wiser and then gather the other tribes. Thus he commanded no Stegadons or ‘Gorillagors’ (c/a Kroxigors). Still, he was confident, for the foe were a pathetic looking band of warriors, held together by some sort of curse, but nevertheless presenting a shambling and rag tag appearance. They moved slowly (what wits they might once have possessed were long since gone) and although they were walking dead, the cold blooded larval Slann and the stubborn little pygmies (c/a the skink ‘cold blooded rule’ interpreted here as ‘stubborn little buggers’!) gave it hardly a thought.

Grand Admiral Galdabash once again marched with his mighty undead ogres (the ‘Animated Hulks’), and once again he moved on the flank of the line – this time on the far right. Beside him three large regiments of zombie pirates staggered and splashed through the mire, their strength maintained by the corpses of the pirates who had been left behind during the Battle of the Dunes. Three vampire fleet captains (rather more quick witted zombies than the rest) led them, and an undead wyvern (‘Rotting Leviathan’) crawled along next to them. The creature had flown in life, but in death its wings proved too rotten and riddled with tears to support it, and so it dragged itself along over the soggy ground like a serpent might slither.

Two bloated corpses struggled to keep up with the zombies, but to their left the two carronades had halted, their crews, no longer concerned with hauling their burdens, now busy with loading instead. In front of these petty cannons swarmed a large mass of razortooth rats. Out even further to the left ten zombie handgunners formed a line and hefted their rusty pieces ready to fire. Furthest out of all a pack of scurvy dogs moved in a strangely quiet manner, quite unlike how they would have barked and yelped in life.


The armies were arrayed, and the battle was about to begin.

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