Big Small Worlds (Stories in Miniature)

This is the ongoing, illustrated story of my current wargames/roleplaying campaign, set in the Warhammer world realm of Tilea. A narrative campaign with a GM and 5 or 6 players (it varied), and one in which everything is accounted for in terms of the rules, from supply points to upkeep of forces, from spies and messengers to weather effects and siege rules. And all the rest.

Click on the links below the pictures to see each chapter. I am building these posts from my blog posts, then editing them together into chapters. It’s a slow moving campaign, as my players know only too well, but I am very proud of the progress we have made and the unfolding stories.

Edit: As of this year I have begun working this campaign story from both ends (!) as I am slowly transforming the stories – in chronological order – into YouTube videos. I am re-working most of the texts and pictures for this, and as each new video comes out I replace the text and pictures here with the newer (hopefully better) ones. When the videos reach what is here labelled Part 13, at the point when I properly began hiding the figures’ bases, I won’t have to re-do as many pictures. The videos should be quicker to put together from that point onwards.

My video stories can be found at …

Coming Soon
More Tilean Campaign!
Coming Soon
More Tilean Campaign!
Coming Soon
More Tilean Campaign!

Coming Soon
More Tilean Campaign!

His Unholiness Biagino
His Unholiness Biagino of the Church of Nagash
Officers of the VMC
Officers of the VMC (in Tilea)

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