Big Small Worlds (Stories in Miniature)

I am in the process of building this website. It will, eventually, be very large. I put my oldest battle story on here as a test. Now I am slowly rebuilding the illustrated story of my ongoing campaign. Once that has reached the present day, I will begin adding all sorts of older campaigns and battle reports. Click on the links below the pictures to see the stories.(Keep in mind that whichever is the latest part of the campaign will grow for several days in a row until long enough, and then I’ll create a new page for the next part.)

Coming Soon
Tilea Campaign Part 12

His Unholiness Biagino
His Unholiness Biagino of the Church of Nagash
Officers of the VMC
Officers of the VMC (in Tilea)

2 thoughts on “Big Small Worlds (Stories in Miniature)

    1. Thanks for saying. I’m about half way through repairing the campaign posts (editing a little, and replacing all the pictures that were lost when Photobucket decided to call it a day). I am also taking the opportunity to do extra modelling and painting posts along the way, so it will be a while yet before I get to ‘now’ in the campaign. My players can’t be happy that I have been distracted so much by the need to re-build the historical record – they want to get on with the campaign. But I am at present doing a bit of both, and was working on an e-mail report to a player as your message came through. I’m even in the middle of another large, kitbashed unit of 40 – hooded, cultist halberdiers!

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