More Militia Pikemen

With an ever growing number of NPC city states actively involved in the theatres of war, joining with other NPCs and players in large alliance armies, I needed more militia. So I got myself some new pike figures … These were Artizan, but I threw in some Perry’s too for variety, and added some new […]

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‘Granite Breaker’

Granite Breaker is a dwarf-forged, castle-shattering cannon. Initial work … I wanted to make the bronze oxidised like the images of the ‘Tsar Cannon’ I googled (you can too!) and I mean heavily oxidised, like a very ancient cannon. I tested a technique (enamels) on a second-hand horse’s arse … It came out odd, but […]

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Skeleton Riders (in enamel!)

Here are my new unit of ‘official’ GW model skellie riders. On the bones I tried a technique I rarely use  – washing. This is not easy with enamels as you have to thin with thinners, which can upset the layer of paint you are attempting to wash over. I have managed it with some […]

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