The Assault on Miragliano continued

Part Two: The Assault Begins As swirling spirits danced mystical around the crenelations, as if to lure the enemy towards them … … elsewhere along the walls, the defenders stood peering and leering over the parapet, their own lurching motions much clumsier. The zombies were almost silent, apart from their effortful gurgling as their ragged […]

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The Assault on Miragliano

Part One (Deployment) When Captain-General Lord Alessio had received all his scouts’ reports concerning the approaches to the city, it was obvious that no route was safe, but that one, at least, was potentially better than the rest. The taint of necromantic magic had permeated far beyond the city itself, so that (in places) the […]

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A Cornucopia of Corpses

A Prequel to the Assault on Miragliano They had already approached the city walls as close as they dared and had no intention of doing so again. Nofri convinced the other two that there was no real need, for their orders were to scout the sodden land around the city, and did not specify any […]

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An Entire Army Of Cultists!

This article does not show every component part of the ‘Morrite’ cultist army, and I seem to have failed to make many ‘WIP’ shots at all (I must have thought there would be little interest), but it should show a lot of the models involved. The Disciplinati di Morr had special rules, being modified versions […]

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Corpse wagon

When the Church of Morr’s most holy carroccio (mobile shrine) was captured by the undead, Biagino, the vampire arch-priest of Nagash, decided he would mock the Church of Morr by de-sanctifying it and making it into a mobile altar for Nagash. Effectively a huge corpse cart with extra ranged powers. I called in a ‘Corpse […]

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Swamp Zombies

I bought a box of the new Warhammer zombies, which I ‘de-rooted’ & ‘de-branched’. I managed to stretch the box from 20 to 23 models, kit-bashing in some other bits. I also bought 12 of the Black Tree Designs’ ‘Zombies of the Sweltering Swamps’ to mix the unit up a bit more. I was hoping […]

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Discord, Dangers and Disinclination

An Excerpt from Bonacorso Fidelibus’s Work: The Many Wars of the Early 25th Century The First Months of Summer, 2404 In the far south there was much relief in Alcente when the Sartosan Corsairs’ army moved away from the city, without commencing a siege. Perhaps the mauling they had received at Sersale, or more likely, […]

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