Glammerscale and the Brabanzon

(Tilean Campaign) The End of Spring, IC2403 Part 8. Glammerscale and the Brabanzon The wizard-dwarf Glammerscale had found his time in Karak Borgo irksome. Rather than complain, however, he had taken to announcing, in as breezy a tone as he could muster: “A change is as good as a break”. Eventually, one of the mountain […]

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Mangled Facts

(Tilean Campaign) The End of Spring, IC2403 Part 7. Mangled Facts “They didn’t slurp it all then?” said Frokkit, peering into the topless barrel whilst clutching his vicious billhook as a support. His spiked helmet threatened to topple in, but he lifted his head back up just before it did. “No, they didn’t,” said Pooshin. […]

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All That Glitters Part 18

Battle of the Swamps Turns 3, 4 & 5 Now the second swarm of jungle creepy-crawlies hurtled into the leftmost Zombie regiment, where things began to get messy. Between them the two swarms brought down seven of the zombie pirates, while the undead only managed to kill one tiny spider (a zombie fell on it). […]

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All That Glitters Part 17

Battle of the Swamps: Part 2 (Turn 1) Bontanoan gave vent to a high-pitched shriek that every warrior in his army could hear, even those on the far right, and the entire force began to advance. The terradon riders were of course the swiftest amongst them, and they put this quality to good use – […]

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When Two Tribes go to War (The Atta and Olobol going to war together, that is!) A 2035 pt (‘counts as’) Lizardman army (Pygmies & Larval Slann) Bontanoan (as Tehenauin) General, Tide of Serpents, Blade of Serpent’s Tongue, Plaque of Sotek Goakitlan  (as Skink priest) Lvl 2, Piranha Blade, Plaque of Tepok Pygmy Shaman (as Skink Priest) […]


All That Glitters, Part 15

Down the River Upon the ship Ocean Blight Herman and Stefan stood upon the deck amidship with the rest of the foremast men. Like everyone else they were staring up at the poop deck where Captain Bart was clutching the mizzenmast and looking back down at them. A few moments of quiet passed – not […]

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All That Glitters, Part 14

Temple of the Living God Bo-Tana-Oon The birds and monkeys had been behaving unusually for two days. Something in the air had disturbed them, some smell or sound that only they could sense. They were quiet, still and watchful. This odd behaviour in turn had affected the pygmies – though their particular response was to […]

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