All That Glitters

This was a different sort of campaign compared to my current Tilean one. There were no campaign players, instead it is a story of my own devising which was modified by the results of battles – the story led to battles, the results of which led to more story, round and round about. I got […]

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Shooting at the Butts

I have just realised that if I edit my blog posts by adding several new pieces to the existing one before moving onto the next, then notifications don’t go out about the new post. So I am going to start putting each piece out as a new blog postloads of posts into each bloI am […]

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Making Tilean Roads

My new (cheap*) method of making ‘ancient’ Tilean roads 1.Draw lines then stones on foam card 2. Score lines with a scalpel and peel off edges (free hand makes for natural wobbly-ish lines to give a not too neat edge to the paving stones). 3. Score then peel off the strips in between the paving […]

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In no particular order, here are some quick and cheap fortification ideas. Domino walls Buy cheap dominoes. You’ll need the boxes as well as the dominoes. Carve/scrape some stone-like surfaces to the dominoes and glue them down onto the boxes … Chop some dominoes in half to make the crenelations …. Foam board glued behind […]

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Zombie Cultists!

Undead cultists (as seen in Tilean Campaign Part 16) The newly made vampire Biagino’s main source of corpses, by his own preference, was the great pile of fallen Morrite dedicants (cultist flagellants) lying upon the battlefield of Ebino. Because all my existing zombies were dead Empire soldiers or dead pirates, I needed new zombie figures, […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 17

The End of Spring 2403 Part One: A Letter from Antonio Mugello to my most noble Lord Lucca Vescucci of Verezzo Forgive me, my lord, for the untidiness of my writing, but I am forced by circumstances to pen this missive both in haste and in conditions unconducive to neatness. For the first time in a […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 16

The Battle of Diocleta, continued Spring, IC 2403 (Turn 2) At almost the same moment, all the ogres who had turned to run now came to a halt and re-ordered themselves to re-join the line. Those leadbelchers on the right who had not run away now charged the huntsmen … … while in the centre […]

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