More Militia Pikemen

With an ever growing number of NPC city states actively involved in the theatres of war, joining with other NPCs and players in large alliance armies, I needed more militia. So I got myself some new pike figures … These were Artizan, but I threw in some Perry’s too for variety, and added some new […]

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Tilean Campaign Part 20

Antonio Mugello’s letter to Lord Lucca Vescussi of Verezzo at the end of Summer 2403 My purpose, my lord, as ever, is to inform you of everything of import I have learned concerning the great affairs of Tilea. Removed as I am from your person I know you will have a much better grasp than […]

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‘Granite Breaker’

Granite Breaker is a dwarf-forged, castle-shattering cannon. Initial work … I wanted to make the bronze oxidised like the images of the ‘Tsar Cannon’ I googled (you can too!) and I mean heavily oxidised, like a very ancient cannon. I tested a technique (enamels) on a second-hand horse’s arse … It came out odd, but […]

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Skeleton Riders (in enamel!)

Here are my new unit of ‘official’ GW model skellie riders. On the bones I tried a technique I rarely use  – washing. This is not easy with enamels as you have to thin with thinners, which can upset the layer of paint you are attempting to wash over. I have managed it with some […]

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