Some Too Late and One Too Early

Northern Tilea, Spring 2404 They made their way along the lesser-known paths in the woods, some of which were so well hidden that they had to push their way through the undergrowth to access them. Their new friends asked them not to cut the branches as they did so. Once they were on the secret […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 32

Examples Ravola, Spring 2404 Gradger sounded breathless when he arrived in the square, but this indicated nothing for certain as the wheezing function of his mask always made him sound so. He made his way immediately to the chattel overseer, Adragash. “I have order-commands from the lord-master himself. You must obey prompt-quick. Yes, yes?” Adragash’s […]

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PONTREMOLA 2404: The Fight, Part Two

While Maria’s foot soldiers shuffled forwards in the rear, becoming increasingly bereft of her driving will by the growing distance between them and her … … she herself led the armoured horsemen in a charge across the river into the Demigryphs commanded by Ned Black. Two of her bone and ancient steel companions succumbed to […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 31

Once More at Pontremola A Battle Report As the Duchess Maria’s army progressed to the Bridge of Pontremola, Biagino rode upon his magnificent corpse-carroccio with plenty of time to think. When he was alive, he had fought at the very same bridge, during the somewhat unexpected victory of the Holy Army of Viadaza (known also […]

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