Pavona’s Hero

Summer, 2401, The City of Pavona The sound of drums could be heard, growing louder. Giovacchino leaned forwards to look over the crowd between him and the street. When the strong ale in his pot sloshed and threatened to spill, he relaxed a little turned to his companion. “I think this is lunacy,” he announced. […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 35

A Letter to the Arch-Lector Bernado To His Holiness Bernado Ugolini, Most Highly Favoured of Morr, from your faithful servant, Brother MiglioreUpon the second day of summer, 2404 If it pleases your holiness, I hereby and humbly present that which I have learned from my correspondence with the servants of our Holy Church of Morr, […]

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The Fight at Sersale, Part 3

Turns 3.5 – 6 Although it was some time before he would know it, Volker’s earlier musings concerning the possibility of a relief force proved to be partially correct. A company of light horse, the Black Gulf Road Wardens, a band of mostly Arabyan mercenaries who patrolled the VMC’s protectorate realm, now galloped onto the […]

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The Fight at Sersale, Part 2 

Admiral Volker did not need to command his army to continue the advance as everyone knew to do so. The enemy stood their ground, obviously satisfied with their deployment. He would be too if he were one of them, thought Volker, for despite the basic and limited nature of their defences, they had used them […]

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We Know Our Business

The Fight at Sersale, A Battle Report Late Spring, IC 2404 As the village of Sersale came into view, Admiral Volker could see that this time the Alcentians had chosen to mount a proper defence. There had been squabbles at Mintopua and Mottola, and some of his scallywags had died, but for whatever reason the […]

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Ogres Part 4

I have been forgetting to put painting and modelling posts up as well as the stories. So, here’s another foray into the brutish world of, well, brutes! Guns and Baggage! First the baggage. I once modelled a painted a gift for another player, trying to match his own figures … Using acrylics to match the […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 34

For Love of Hearth and Home Prequel to the Fight at Sersale City of Alcente, Spring 2404 Most folk in the city considered Captain Hector Perdigon’s soldiers to be scum, the worst kind of mercenaries. They were presumably unwanted in whichever army they originally served, either because they had refused to obey, or to fight, […]

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The Assault Continues

Turns 4 – 8 Still more angry about his predicament than afraid, Biagino attempted to conjure a curse upon the massive marching body of spearmen closing in on the gate. Distracted by his anger, however, he fumbled the spell and failed to bring the curse to fruition. Aware, however, that his efforts to spin the […]

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Ebino – The Assault Begins

Turns 1 – 3 Biagino chanced a better look at the enemy, to ascertain what, if anything, he might have missed before. The wheeled petard was making progress up the road, but at a pace that meant it would be some considerable time before it reached the gate – time he intended to make use […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 33

The Assault on Ebino Part One: Deployment Biagino had grown more and more furious on the journey from the defeat at Pontremola to the city of Ebino. When the duchess Maria had died, his mind, twisted with all the proud hatred and dark cruelty of vampirism, had been released from his slavish, besotten enthrallment to […]

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