Scratchbuilt Luminark

As so often, I decided to scratch-build rather than buy. I wanted a Luminark of a low fantasy design. I started to get some fiddly bits of plastic from my bits box together, including some lens-like transparent bits of saved junk … This was to form the sequence of mirrors that would focus the deadly […]

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The town of Scozzese, in the realm of Pavona The very end of Autumn, IC 2403 Pieter Schout, the army of the VMC’s chief linguister, had been making his was through the army camp to attend upon the general, but as he had time to spare, he stopped a while to speak with Captain Vinco […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 23

The Battle of the Isean Hills Prequel: Each to Their Own The army of the Disciplinati di Morr, bereft of its beloved, founding father, but still bound to the service of holy Morr, had drawn close to the city of Ebino and then halted. When they learned the vampire duchess had more than sufficient forces […]

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The Message-Letter

Somewhere in Tilea. Three of the Grey Seer’s servants were making their hurried way to him. For an otherwise abandoned stretch of tunnel, there was a lot of noise as they progressed, what with the crunching of the gravel beneath their feet, the clattering of the lantern the servant Bolk held aloft to illuminate their […]

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There’s More to Come

Luccini, Summer 2403 “Not bad, this stuff,” declared the Cooper Artur Scharff. In one hand he clutched a tankard, in the other a flask he had tapped some of the wine into so that they could all have a taste. Only the carpenter Gerino had refused, for he was distracted by a bottle of port […]

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