Halfling Pike Regiment

Here are the newest recruits in Verezzo. These are made from the Wargames Atlantic boxed set, converted to make a regiment of 36 all carrying shouldered pikes and not just 8 + command. 8 more pikes were converted as on the sprue they are ‘charging’ pikes and I wanted all of them shouldered. 8 had […]

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A Letter from Antonio Mugello

A Letter from Antonio Mugello to the most noble Barone Iacopo Brunetti, Regent of Verezzo Part One As I wrote unto my beloved Lord Lucca (may he sit beside Morr in the garden of eternal summer) to impart what little I had learned of events throughout Tilea, so humbly I send this missive to you. […]

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Keep Going!

Somewhere in the mountains of north Tilea, Winter 2403-4 Fricknar had never in all his cruelty-filled life undertaken a journey as difficult as this. They were in such a hurry that they were not allowed to stop for more than a few moments at a time. So far, six nights and five days of almost […]

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Good Captain

Note: This piece was co-written with Ant, the player playing General Valckenburgh in the campaign, who told me what the general would say. I kept everything he wanted to say, but not necessarily in the same order!!!! Remas, Palazzo Montini (Official Residence of the Arch-lector of Morr), Winter 2403-4 General Jan Valckenburgh had entered the […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 28

With Great Power Comes Great Destruction Winter, IC 2303-4; Somewhere underground in northern Tilea The Clan Skryre emissary was a particularly unimpressive specimen, more like a menial lackey than the sort of skaven likely to be granted an audience with a Grey Seer. This was, however, no surprise, as the engineers of Clan Skryre were […]

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How to Fortify Against Death Itself?

Winter, IC 2403-4 South of the river Tarano, near the Bridge of Pontremola A Conversation “How are the works coming on?” asked Chimento Gagliardi, Lord Alessio’s chief clerk. The siege master Guccio de Ieroldis looked up from the little book he had been studying, in which his predecessor had recorded all sorts of useful advice […]

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New Friends and no Rest for the Wicked

An Alley, Somewhere in Tilea, Winter, IC 2403-4 Baldassarr had known the meeting would not be pleasant. He had never heard anything good about the ratto uomo, only that they were foul, lice-ridden creatures, with invariably murderous intent. Yet despite the fear and disgust he knew he would most likely experience, he was sufficiently desperate […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 27

How Not to Save a King! (A dramatised Battle Report) Winter 2403-4, North-East of Aversa It was a crisply cold day when the Sartosan fleet’s army arrived before the Luccinans’ fortified camp in the rolling hills where the westernmost reaches of Sussurio Forest peter out. Admiral Volker’s entire strength was not present, for he had […]

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How Not to Save a King: Prequel

Leaving Luccini, Again! Winter IC2493-4 Captain Anssem Van Baas had made his way up to the roof of the building where he, his sea artists and officers were lodged, to watch the rest of the Sartosan army as it marched from the city. His bosun, Moukib Brahimi, having just returned from the ship after overseeing […]

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