The Defence of Ravola

Prequel: MathildeThe City of Ravola, Early Spring 2304 Perette had yet to see the newly constructed engine, what with myriad responsibilities distracting her (however self-imposed). Now she had been asked to come quickly – the gunners apparently wanted her blessing, for themselves and their ward. When Osmont delivered the request, Perette had laughed, saying, “Surely […]

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Halfling Pike Regiment

Here are the newest recruits in Verezzo. These are made from the Wargames Atlantic boxed set, converted to make a regiment of 36 all carrying shouldered pikes and not just 8 + command. 8 more pikes were converted as on the sprue they are ‘charging’ pikes and I wanted all of them shouldered. 8 had […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 29

A Letter from Antonio Mugello to the most noble Barone Iacopo Brunetti, Regent of Verezzo As I wrote unto my beloved Lord Lucca (may he sit beside Morr in the garden of eternal summer) to impart what little I had learned of events throughout Tilea, so humbly I send this missive to you. My love […]

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Keep Going!

Somewhere in the mountains of north Tilea, Winter 2403-4 Fricknar had never in all his cruelty-filled life undertaken a journey as difficult as this. They were in such a hurry that they were not allowed to stop for more than a few moments at a time. So far, six nights and five days of almost […]

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