Tilea Campaign Part 31

Once More at Pontremola A Battle Report As the Duchess Maria’s army progressed to the Bridge of Pontremola, Biagino rode upon his magnificent corpse-carroccio with plenty of time to think. When he was alive, he had fought at the very same bridge, during the somewhat unexpected victory of the Holy Army of Viadaza (known also […]

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The Defence of Ravola Prequel: MathildeThe City of Ravola, Early Spring 2304 Perette had yet to see the newly constructed engine, what with myriad responsibilities distracting her (however self-imposed). Now she had been asked to come quickly – the gunners apparently wanted her blessing, for themselves and their ward. When Osmont delivered the request, Perette […]


Halfling Pike Regiment

Here are the newest recruits in Verezzo. These are made from the Wargames Atlantic boxed set, converted to make a regiment of 36 all carrying shouldered pikes and not just 8 + command. 8 more pikes were converted as on the sprue they are ‘charging’ pikes and I wanted all of them shouldered. 8 had […]

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Tilea Campaign Part 29

A Letter from Antonio Mugello to the most noble Barone Iacopo Brunetti, Regent of Verezzo As I wrote unto my beloved Lord Lucca (may he sit beside Morr in the garden of eternal summer) to impart what little I had learned of events throughout Tilea, so humbly I send this missive to you. My love […]

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