Annihilation Bombard

During construction and discussion with the skaven player, we called this the ‘super-mortar’ or ‘uberweapon’. I like the name (above) I finally came up with for the stories. I stupidly deleted most of the photos of the earliest stages when I was trying to create space on my phone (for the later pictures … doh!) […]

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Skaven engine guard

I had to get busy scratch-building and kit-bashing to create adequate protective gear to protect them from the deadly gases leaking constantly from the engine they guard. I played around with bits to make a mask and air-filtration tank … The first mask came together like this … And milliputted up like this … I […]

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Notes on the Battle

This is for those among you who like this sort of thing. I can’t imagine there are many of you! This was a ‘play-by-email’ battle (due to distances and pandemics!) Put very simply, the scenario was as follows: The skaven player must get the annihilation mortar to the river’s edge to be in range of […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 36

Annihilation! (Prequel to a Battle) South of Campogrotta, Summer 2404 First out had been the scouts, scurrying off in all directions to ascertain if it was safe for the rest of the army to emerge. They learned that the land immediately south of the river was only partially forested, with curving valleys through grassy sloped […]

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A Letter to the Mayor

This to Reginaldo Scalise, Sindaco of the city of Portomaggiore, from Chimento Gagliardi, Chief Clerk to Lord Alessio Falconi. My Lord Alessio has commanded me to inform you of the allied army’s current circumstances and condition. He wishes me to deliver a comprehensive account, for as his deputy in his beloved city, you must better […]

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Pavona’s Hero

Summer, 2401, The City of Pavona The sound of drums could be heard, growing louder. Giovacchino leaned forwards to look over the crowd between him and the street. When the strong ale in his pot sloshed and threatened to spill, he relaxed a little turned to his companion. “I think this is lunacy,” he announced. […]

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Tilea Campaign, Part 35

A Letter to the Arch-Lector Bernado To His Holiness Bernado Ugolini, Most Highly Favoured of Morr, from your faithful servant, Brother MiglioreUpon the second day of summer, 2404 If it pleases your holiness, I hereby and humbly present that which I have learned from my correspondence with the servants of our Holy Church of Morr, […]

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The Fight at Sersale, Part 3

Turns 3.5 – 6 Although it was some time before he would know it, Volker’s earlier musings concerning the possibility of a relief force proved to be partially correct. A company of light horse, the Black Gulf Road Wardens, a band of mostly Arabyan mercenaries who patrolled the VMC’s protectorate realm, now galloped onto the […]

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