Carroccio (Tilean War Altar)

My Carroccio kit-bash!

I wanted a carroccio that had everything the ‘Treachery and Greed’ campaign Mercenary Company army list suggested (i.e.) Battle Standard, minimum of 6 crew, religious trappings and the sort of firepower that might allow equivalent of 6 handgun shots per turn. I also wanted some height so that it had a good LoS.

Here it is completed (un-crewed):


In this early incarnation the standard is an extra-fancy version of the Compagnia del Sole’s white rod and sun emblem (the simpler emblem used by the rest of the army is painted on some of the panels). Also, the golden statue of Myrmidia from outside Condlumar’s palace stands at the front. Two torches illuminate the goddess. In the Morrite version used in this Tilean campaign, the flag has changed, the panels repainted, and instead of a golden goddess statue there is a chest carrying holy relics.

The next pic includes the crew, including a priestess in her religious capacity (tending the statue with prayers):


There are six handgunners, four on the top, two in the ‘cage’, as well as three swivel guns, plus several optional spots (the red posts) for mounting them.


Bizarrely, the flag swivels, so I could re-position it for photos. The next shot shows into the ‘cage’ which is an iron-grilled area beneath the tower platform:


Luckily two guys were just short enough to stand in there, and I love the three-dimensional nature of having them tucked away inside, sticking their guns through the grate:


I built it from a variety of old scenery left-overs (castle doors and windows), plus two horses I had spare, as well as plastic model shop tubes, and the wheels and yoke from the Black Coach model (which I have had unused for nearly 3 years now). The Morrite version has different horses, with metal armour barding on them – much more likely to survive battle.


The crossbow arm was cut with a scalpel to make the mount for the swivel guns – using the stirrup at the end of the crossbow to pass through the holes in the side of the guns.

The main body was built from lollipop sticks, with thin bits of plasticard stuck on top so that I could glue the gratings on. There was a LOT of chopping of plastic as most bits were the wrong size. Luckily the curving grate tops on the lower level match the wooden ones on the top level – because they were alternative components for the same holes in the castle scenery walls.


The only thing I bought were the swivels (model shop, model ship stuff), mainly ‘cos I couldn’t bring myself to break the ones I already have off their stands and leave my pirate army with three less!

Here you can see it ‘on parade’ through the streets in a previous campaign …


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