Pirate Goblins!

My goblin scallywags began as a unit of 25, carrying stolen pistols. Here they are ranked up, although there are actually only 21 gobbos here, ‘cos (for the first time) I had used unit fillers. They are fun to do, like little dioramas…



Here is the command group. I didn’t go for loads of conversion, just trimming off some bits, like armour, and using Pistolier sprue pistols, as well as Empire militia sprue cutlasses and boarding axes.


You might notice that when I took the photo I’d forgotten to paint the flesh on the decapitated head on the standard. Perhaps it’s been boiled in cumin and turned that colour? I’ve painted it now.

Here are the two unit fillers – two 2×2 bases which involve a table with a pistol being repaired and a ‘budge barrel’ (i.e. powder barrel) …


And here’s the rest of the little dudes…


Later I decided to bulk them up to a strength of 40, so I painted a few extras. Here are the new scurvy scallywags:


I also made another two 2×2 base unit fillers as I was beginning to enjoy creating these. The first is my favourite unit filler yet – a mean gobbo with his little pack of ship’s rats (he will feature in a story later in the campaign) …


The second is a pirate ‘standard’ – burying a treasure chest. You can’t see it in the picture, but the hole goes deeper than the base’s surface. I cut a hole in the base then put plasticard at the bottom thus they are digging right through the base!


Here they all are together, 8 by 5 …


And here’s a non GW pirate (can’t recall the make as a friend gave me the figure). Sorry it’s fuzzy!


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