All That Glitters, An Interlude (Additional to Part 9)

The Captain’s Cabin
Aboard Captain Bertrand Le Bourreur’s Ship ‘Sea Drake’, In the Bay of Tabriz

Here is the captain’s table, after he cleared some space to lay down the map for perusal.


I know what you are thinking – uou want a better look at that map. I can hardly blame you for that. But should I show it to you?

The map was drawn by a pilot in Tabriz with a little skill in cartography. He took Webbe Nijman’s description of his river journey and the coast near the river mouth, as well as his account of where exactly the river mouth lay in relation to Hurry By Island, and then combined it with an existing chart of the region to fashion this particular map.

Can you keep a secret?

Oh, go on then. You’ve twisted my arm. Here it is …


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