Scratchbuilt Luminark

As so often, I decided to scratch-build rather than buy.

I wanted a Luminark of a low fantasy design.

I started to get some fiddly bits of plastic from my bits box together, including some lens-like transparent bits of saved junk …


This was to form the sequence of mirrors that would focus the deadly ray of burning light, both mundane and etheric(!) Then I began to mount it on a platform, and started to give some thought as to how the crew would service and use the machine …


I added the carriage and wheels to allow it to move across the field of battle …



When I painted it up I started to like it.


Especially how the light came through the four lenses.


One crewman, the engine’s master, would be an old figure with an arm replaced …


Two armoured horses would pull it …


And with the second crewman fitted it was ready to go …


I cannot recall exactly how, but somehow the middle-rear lens got smudged, and when I tried to clean it if went cloudy. So I turned the while thing cloudy and now claim it is so because that glass is the lens that focuses the etheric light!



2 thoughts on “Scratchbuilt Luminark

  1. I love your lens train. It reminds me of some follow spots I’ve pulled apart and serviced over the years. It’s a fantastic little model. 🙂


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