Ogres Part 4

I have been forgetting to put painting and modelling posts up as well as the stories. So, here’s another foray into the brutish world of, well, brutes!

Guns and Baggage!

First the baggage. I once modelled a painted a gift for another player, trying to match his own figures …

Using acrylics to match the skin, I painted the rest in enamels as I usually did.

I like the gift and so I made a wheeled version of the same sort of thing for myself. Here it is Work In Progress …

And here complete, as featured in a story.

Bigger wagons are pulled by ogres in pairs

Or captured prisoners encouraged with a whip

Or oxen

Or horses – seen here at the rear …

Now the guns. I needed to double the number of leadbelchers I had due to campaign reasons, but did not want just the same official models again. So I got myself some model ship brass gun barrels …

And I made another using a plastic toy cannon barrel …

Here is one patrolling the walls of Campogrotta before the first assault …

And another patrolling the ruined walls after the first assault, but before the second(!)

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