Corpse wagon

When the Church of Morr’s most holy carroccio (mobile shrine) was captured by the undead, Biagino, the vampire arch-priest of Nagash, decided he would mock the Church of Morr by de-sanctifying it and making it into a mobile altar for Nagash. Effectively a huge corpse cart with extra ranged powers. I called in a ‘Corpse Wagon’.

Here it is with some fiddly little bits left to do. The big challenge was a design for the Church of Nagash’s standard which I would have the ability/luck to be able to paint!

Here it is complete!

Here are some WIP shots …

And here it is before it was captured by the undead, when the Morrite Cultists were ‘a-flagellating’ in frantic spiritual preparation for the battle (which they then lost!)  

And here in full undead glory!

First on the tabletop …

And last of all in story diorama surrounded by a veritable swarm of zombies…

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