Converted Horsemen

Here is a little post concerning some of the ‘ancient’ (early 1980s) horse figures seen in the Arrabiatti brotherhood, who fought in two of the Tilea campaign’s early battles.

They are old ‘Warrior Miniatures’ Normans, but have undergone some pretty simple milliput conversions. Here you get an idea of what they look like unconverted – chainmail, kite shields, pot helms and spears.


You might be surprised however how easily they can be given a different ‘look’. How about black-clad evil riders?


Or northern tribesmen following the gods of chaos?


Here are 5 identical figures, made to look a little different …


And 4 more of the same base figure …


And another four, all built up from the same mould …


Back in the 1980s, with very little funds, I did what I had to do to add variety to what I could afford. I think it was the two Conan films (Barbarian and Destroyer) that inspired me to make these particular figures!

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