Pikes and Boars

As seen in the Tilea campaign: Tilean militia pikemen and some orc boar riders.

The pikemen were part of the Viadazan (peasant) Crusading army in part 3. The orcs part of War Boss Khurnag’s Waagh in part 4. Neither project involved conversion, just painting in my usual ‘cell shaded’ style, and in my usual medium of enamels.

First up the pikemen. They’re odd figures and not to too many people’s tastes, from Wargames Foundry’s ‘Casting Room Miniatures’ range.


Foundry don’t even include them in their normal catalogue, but have a separate site for them, so maybe they aren’t so sure about them either! But as they are Tilean, and are equipped just right, I had to get them for the campaign. I like them now exactly because they are a bit ‘different’.


Because they’re militia, they wear every colour under the sun. Somehow this fact seems to ‘tie them together’.



The boar riders are the more modern GW type. They make my exisiting boar riders look like snotlings riding piglets, but they’re good for ‘Big Uns’:


Unpainted, I thought I didn’t like them. But painted up, I changed my mind.






One thought on “Pikes and Boars

  1. I think these Pikemen are great, in fact I’ve just ordered a shedload from Foundry/CastingRooms! For which I hold you responsible… fantastic blog, your modelling and imaginative skills and persistence are inspiring 🙂


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