‘Cartoon’ Zombies

These feature in the Tilea Campaign Part 9 battle story Assault on Viadaza. They were done in two batches, years apart. First, I painted a regiment of ex-Empire soldiers during a campaign with 6 friends before I started any internet involvement (apart from e-mails). I painted them, cheekily, in one player’s army colours so that he would know he was now fighting what used to be his own soldiers!


You can see a smattering of red and white, quartered, and the use of some Empire troop arms, legs and bodies. I must have taken the picture later though, because they are carrying a pirate flag,  which links to …

In a later campaign, again before my internet battle reports etc, I wanted an army of zombie pirates in the same cartoon style as above, so I could mix the earlier troops in with the new ones to bulk up their numbers. This time I mixed the zombie parts with free company parts.


Some individuals …


That arrow must have stung when it went in!



I think I like the handgunners the best of all.


Although the pencil sharpener cannon is cool too …


It’s crew are not plastic GW. I can’t for the life of me remember where I got them from.

Here the Zombie pirates are on a (crudely made) ship. Say ‘Ahoy!’


It was for the Zombie pirate army that I made a Luthor Harkon type vampire, swapping the strigoi vampire’s hand for an ogre hand and blade. I have no idea why there is a skeleton pirate next to him.


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