Corpse Cart (Kitbash)

(As seen in the Assualt on Viadaza in Tilea Campaign Part 9)

I wanted a corpse cart that looked better than the ‘stand-in’ I had been using. I think you will be able to see why, for this is that stand in!


Not exactly awe inspiring.

So I took an old chaos chariot and decided it would be the ancient remains of a head-hunter’s chariot. The piled skulls of the many he hunted (and the fresher heads he has taken in life) would be what gives the corpse cart its necromantic powers.

I used two old plastic skeleton riders’ horses.


And then set to work on piling skulls in the back. (Sorry about the picture quality, but I can’t retake them now!) I threw some orc and other (?) skulls in too.


From the side …


And from the front …


Undercoated with the skulls and bones painted up …



The standard is a giant’s hand. I’m assuming the head hunter couldn’t reach the giant’s head and so lopped off his hand instead. HeaD, HanD – they both begin and end with the same letters. Close enough.

Painted up ..


And here with a suitably ancient figure (1980’s Citadel) to crew it.



I really didn’t know what I was doing with a camera back then! I know it is ‘busy’ but how can it not be when he’s been collected so long and so efficiently?


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