Pike Goblins

(As featured in several battles in the Tilea Campaign.)

I reckoned that greenskins fighting in Tilea might attempt to emulate the enemies’ fighting style. So, with this in mind, I started adding extra lengths to their spear shafts. Here you can see the original unit ranked up …



I had an old Grom figure already painted to lead them, and made a musician out of an old boardgame figure. There are some metal figures near the front, including two that are actually historical viking figures, but with gobbo heads stuck on!


I thought Grom looked just right in the front rank …


I added some uniformity by giving as many as possible helmets, either the fur-lined ones or the basics.


Having fought with them a few times I realised what was missing …. more of them! So I increased the unit from 25 to 40. Now they looked like a major unit on the field of battle.


Except, of course, even with campaign rules (slightly weakened pike rules) they were still goblins, and so inevitably were rubbish in battle. Who cares, though, when they look good!


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